"He hit me with a mean one!" is about to become the summers catch phrase thanks to this crackhead knocking himself out, then peeing on himself during a fight.

Things get started like any normal fight in America with all three of the necessary players.

  • Player 1: Dumb guy instigating the fight without any real reason to fight.
  • Player 2: Guy who is forced to fight because the dumb guy won't coroperate.
  • Player 3: Loud guy with a camera who is egging players one and two on.

The fight takes an interesting twist though when the crackhead decides to run without looking where he is going.  He runs directly into a tree, knocking himself out and later we find out that he peed on himself.

"HE HIT ME WIT A MEAN ONE!" will be my line for the rest of the summer for sure, but there are some other things that need to be pointed out here.

The crack head is wearing orange socks and no shoes.  He also has a pine tree air freshener around his neck . . . it's his "Treezus Piece"

OK I'm done now.

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