An employee at Flint Assembly plant tragically committed suicide on the job yesterday, and the sad news raises safety concerns for the other workers.

Tuesday afternoon Flint Assembly at the intersection of Van Slyke and Atherton was the scene of the tragic incident. The plant was not evacuated but operations are shut down.  Grief counselors have been called in to talk to employees today. A representative with Global Manufacturing Communications issued a statement saying:

"Tragically, an employee at GM's Assembly plant in Flint, Michigan took his life this afternoon. No one else in the plant was injured.  We're working with local authorities as the incident is investigated.  Our condolences and deepest sympathies go to the employee's family and colleagues. Grief counselors are on site to support employees."

The name of the employee was not released, but social media has revealed that it was a man named Jimmie Rice II.  Jimmie's Facebook page has been flooded with friends commenting about their grief in his passing.

While some workers at the plant are dealing with the grief of losing a friend, others are questioning their own safety at work.  They are worried that Rice was able to bring a loaded weapon into work without being detected by anyone.  This is definitely an issue that will be addressed after the mourning period has passed.


Anytime we deal with someone that has decided to take their own life, I think everyone should remember that there is help out there.  If you are thinking about hurting yourself, please take a minute to talk to somebody.  If you know a friend who is in trouble, talk to them . . . let them know that they're not alone.  Michigan has suicide prevention hotlines waiting to help right now.  

If you need to call someone right now, here is the information for help in Flint.   Mental Health Crisis Clinic/  Genessee County Community Mental Health -  (810) 257-3740