This Saturday is usually a major day of celebrations, parties, and get-togethers. No, I’m not talking about Halloween, I’m talking about the annual Michigan vs Michigan State football game.

Usually a time of big rivalry events from the tailgates to the stadium, this year‘s game at The Big House in Ann Arbor will be much different. University of Michigan has released their plan for Michigan Stadium ahead of this weekend's big game. 

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University of Michigan Athletic Department announced several changes to game day activities in lieu of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They are urging fans and community members to embrace the return of U-M and Big Ten football, but to do so responsibly and safely.

U of M announced in their plan there will be no ticket distribution to the public. Fans will also not be allowed in suites, per the Big Ten Conference policy. Exceptions to that rule will be made available to direct family members of competing student-athletes. This season, tickets may not be resold or transferred for any reason.

As far as tailgating goes, that will not be permitted on U-M's campus or in any stadium parking lots. Normally one of the biggest pre-game events, the university is asking fans to skip it completely. As a matter of fact, all parking lots near the stadium will be closed and monitored by police. Those fans that are used to parking  at Pioneer High School or Ann Arbor Golf and Outing will find those areas closed as well.

If you are lucky enough to actually be attending the game, keep in mind that all fans will be required to bring and wear an approved face covering while inside Michigan Stadium. Also, Michigan Stadium has a No Bag Policy, so leave all purses and backpacks at home, or in the car.

You can read the complete outline of protocol for Saturday's game here.

Kick-off is scheduled for noon on Saturday.


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