It's been a rough week for Stitches. First he was KO'd by The Game's Manager, and now video has surfaced of him getting jumped by two people less than 24 hours after getting knocked out.

Last week Stitches posted multiple instagram videos (which were later deleted) waiting outside of a Florida night club waiting for The Game to come out. Stitches is seen in the video driving around the club, questioning a member of Game's team,, and spitting on Game's Range Rover. Shortly after video surfaced on World Star Hip Hop of Game's manager knocking out Stitches.


World Star Hip Hop posted a video today of Stitches getting jumped by two people while trying to escape in his Jeep. If I were Stitches I'd go into hiding for maybe 6-8 months and come out as an R&B singer. This is taking the ultimate L and I don't see Mr. Stitches recovering from this any time soon.

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