The Westboro Baptist Church finally released the reasons they are coming to Genesee County this week, and they're just as crazy as you would expect.

The church has very publicly made it known that they are going to be in Grand Blanc and Flint this week, but the exact reasons have been unknown. In a series of press releases last week, the church has explained why they're coming.

The first event will be at Southwestern in Flint from 6:55am to 7:30am. The press release says that the parents, teachers, preachers, and community have utterly failed the kids due to the high poverty rate in Flint. They claim that the simple bible word will fix the children.

The crazy brigade moves over to U of M Flint at 7:45am till 8:45am. U of M Flint is hosting the Society of Environmental Journalists conference during that time. The church says in their press release that these journalists have been "promoting the f#$ and fornication agenda from coast to coast."

Finally the church will move to Grand Blanc to protest at the high school during homecoming from 10:20am to 10:50am. This time, they are there to voice their displeasure about a transgender male being elected sophomore homecoming prince in 2016.

They're showing up to protest something that happened two years ago. Apparently delivering the wrath of god is a busy job.

In all three cases, the school and area police are aware of whats going on. They have assured everyone that the church will not be on school grounds, and they will do everything in their power to make sure things are peaceful.

This whole thing is ridiculous. The westboro church is ridiculous, and feeds off of the hysteria they cause when they show up to any community. The worst part is that there will be less than 10 church members at any one of these protests, and they'll stand around heaving ignorance at anyone that will pay attention to them.

There are many counter protests planned for Friday, and I'm a little mixed about them. On one hand, everyone should show up and run these idiots out of town, but I think that's exactly what the church wants. It's similar to the old saying, "never argue with an idiot." On the other hand, if ignorance is left unchecked it leaves the door open for it to spread.

I personally won't be out giving the church any extra attention, but I don't fault those that do. I just hope that everything happens peacefully and parents are able to  use this as a teachable moment for their kids.

Here are the Facebook pages for the counter protests in Grand Blanc, U of M Flint, and Southwestern.

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