I saw this old-timey Flint Police van on a tow truck this week, and now I can't stop wondering what will become of it.

I was driving on Bristol Rd near 75 when the flatbed tow truck pulled up next to me. The Flint Police van on the truck has obviously seen better days, but it still looked so dope that I had to take a quick picture.

I texted it to a couple of friends to try and get a date that it might have actually been in use. Nobody could say with any certainty exactly when it would have been used, but the best guesses were the late 70's to early 80's. I searched online to try and find this van without much luck, but the only thing I found was the first Flint "paddy wagon" from the MSU Historical Society.

Historical Society of Michigan MSU
Historical Society of Michigan MSU

This was the 1910 edition, so the police van I took a picture of is obviously much newer than this one.

If you have any information about the Flint Police van I saw on the tow truck, please email me or say something in the comments below.

I hope that whoever is taking ownership of the van is restoring it to it's original state. There are a few other uses for the van that would be acceptable.

The first and obvious choice is to leave all of the Flint Police logo's and turn it into "Flint's Most Wanted . . . Ice Cream Truck"

My personal favorite would be to make it a police food truck. The truck would exclusively serve stereotypical police favorites like donuts and such.

Obviously I'm joking a little bit (unless the new owner would take any of my ideas serious).

I mostly would like to see it back on the road in mint condition. Maybe the person driving it could carry around some donuts and ice cream sandwiches just in case though.

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