This can't be life when a Michigan woman was sentenced to jail after biting off another woman's finger over cigarettes.  Life is hard when we result to biting people over small misunderstandings. 

Senta Staffney, of Muskegon, will spend a year in jail after biting and spitting out a woman's finger over cigarettes and 50 cents.  Staffney and the victim, Danielle Lott, were arguing in the front lawn of Lott's sister's home.

Staffney paid Lott one dollar for two cigs and only received one.  When asked for her change, Lott would caught up the lose change and things got out of control.  Staffney attacked Lott and bit her finger off.  As you can see, this incident was powered by alcohol.

Lott's finger was found in the lawn but was too damaged to be repaired at the hospital. Staffney actions lands her in jail for one year for aggravated assault and obstruction of a police officer with 18 months probation according to MLive.

This is very sad story of two misguide grown women could not solve their problems in a positive way.  Remember, this terrible act of violence started over cigarettes.  I hope both ladies will get the proper help they need to make sure this don't happen again.

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