A Michigan lawmaker is seeking a bill to limit smoking around minors.  We all know second hand smoking is bad but now we may need to consider protecting children.

East Lansing Democrat Sam Singh is seeking a bill to stop second hand smoking while a minor is present in the car.  If the law goes in the action, police will be able to pull you over and give you a ticket with a fine up to $500.  Singh understand the change is drastic and a grace period of a year would be needed.

I think as crazy as this law sounds, I'm in favor of it.  I think we should take more precaution when it comes to the youth especially pre-teens.  Second hand smoking is the absolute worst and I don't any kid should have to experience it.  We can't police people while they're at home but enforcing this law while people are driving is a good step in protecting Michigan kids.

I want to hear from you, would you vote in favor of this bill if it landed on your ballot?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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