If you didnt' know 6'7 380 James Harris' story, you would think he is just a man down on his luck, sadly like many Americans. By looking at him especially now, you wouldn't know he is a wrestling that struck in other legends and could have and should have made millions.James Harris was discovered by WWE Hall of Famer and current WWE commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler.

After being taking under Lawler's wing he dominated the the smaller promotions before being called up to the big leagues of the WWE where he faced wrestling icons such as Hulk Hogan The Ultimate Warrior, and The Undertaker to name a few.

But there is far too often a downside in this business, and Kamala's downside started in 1992 when he was diagnosed with diabetes.

Although the doctors told him he could loose body parts if he didn't start being proactive he still wouldn't listen.

Fast forward to now Kamala is now a double amputee and very little money from dealing with the WWE's owner Vince Mcmahon and his shady contracts.

Check out this short video Kamala's career and current health situation, and read the rest of the article here.