Spectacular Spudz along with Flint's M.A.D.E. institute are donating 150 gift boxes to families in need this holiday season at Flint's Berston Field House this Wednesday.

I love it when local organizations come together to help support the community. Especially with COVID-19 destroying the economy, a lot of parents are out of jobs this holiday season.

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Spectacular Spudz and the M.A.D.E. Institute have teamed up for this giveaway. They are asking people to just pull-up at Berston Field House to pick up the gift boxes starting at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. It is first come first serve.

Source: NBC25.com

Shout out to both organizations for stepping up and donating these gift boxes to the city of Flint. Spectacular Spudz is hands down my favorite place to eat inside the local Farmers Market.  I usually get the loaded seafood potato to help balance out my spirit, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu! The great folks at the M.A.D.E. institute are doing amazing things for local residents as well. They work to help rehabilitate former inmates by providing essentials like housing and programs to find work.

The giveaway starts at 4 p.m. Wed, Dec.19th at Berston Field House located at 3300 N Saginaw rd.

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