After a long 12 months, Michigan Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy announced that nine individuals will be facing criminal charges for pretty much poisoning the whole city of Flint.

These charges are a bit light if you ask me, but we do know more about the individuals involved with the water crisis. Looks like ex-governor Richard Snyder had plenty of help covering things up.

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The defendants turned themselves in and were arraigned today before Judge Elizabeth A. Kelly for the Seventh Circuit Court and Chief Judge Christopher Odette for the 67th District Court. Details on their arraignments and subsequent court dates will be forthcoming.

Here are the nine people being charged in the Flint water crisis.

  1. Jarrod Agen
  2. Gerald Ambrose
  3. Richard Baird
  4. Howard Croft
  5. Darnell Earley
  6. Nicholas Lyon
  7. Nancy Peeler
  8. Richard Snyder (Duh)
  9. Eden Wells

Most people are upset with the charges being placed against ex-governor Richard Snyder. From what we can tell he's been charged with two $10,000 bonds in regards to the water crisis. Which is just a slap in the face to the people that have suffered in Flint.  If all we can do is give someone a ticket to pay after being solely responsible for the death of 12 Flint natives and the gentrification of our area, then we need to completely revamp our criminal justice system.

Everything related to this case is fresh and new details are coming out every day and we will keep you posted as details surface.


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