Chatfield School in Lapeer decided to take the proactive measures of having an armed security guard on campus in the wake of the recent school shootings.  That decision may have backfired after reports are coming in that the security guard left his gun unattended in the bathroom.

The Flint Journal is reporting that the guard left his unloaded gun in the bathroom for a few moments.  The school is only saying that no students were in danger because of the mistake and the security guard would not be named.

I'm going to go on a personal opinion rant here for a minute so feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

How can people argue that the answer to our country's gun violence problem is more guns?  If an innocent accident like this one can cause such a scare, why would people want to increase the chances of a tragic accident happening?

The security guard in this case is not a bad guy, and is probably very responsible.  He made a simple mistake with a very dangerous item.

That's the problem with the gun control debates that are going on right now.  Both sides are partially right, but both sides are VERY wrong.  We as Americans have the right to own guns, but when we were given that right the guns, circumstances and reasoning were completely different than they are today.

The fact is that even the most responsible, well trained gun owner is capable of having a deadly accident.  If both sides could agree on this statement, then a real gun debate could start.  Then the conversation can move toward what requirements there should be to become a gun owner including training, history and follow up check ins on the status of the gun.

My overall point is that if both sides were able to stop dealing in absolutes, this debate might actually find an agreeable resolution.  Guns are a part of American culture, and that will probably never change.  The problem is when they become the focus of our culture because of short sighted arguments.