Edgerton Elementary in Clio is changing a few gun policy signs on campus after police were called to campus when a man carried his pistol into the school.

Ken Herman openly wore his gun on his hip when he showed up to pick his daughter up from school.  The administrators followed policy and called the police after Herman refused to leave his gun off of school property.  Normally the school would have went into automatic lock down, but since the school day had just ended, most of the students were gone.

Herman was not arrested because he is a valid concealed pistol license, and was within his rights to carry a loaded gun into the school.  The conflict is that there is a county wide policy restricting firearms from school property, while CPL holders are authorized to carry on school grounds.

The new signs that will be on school grounds will include an explanation of the countywide policy that forces school districts to go into lock down when anyone arrives on school property carrying a firearm.

Clio Schools

This is a case of a persons rights versus common sense.  Just because a person has the right to do something does not mean they should do it.  The debate over the second amendment is turning into a never ending, heated debate between two extreme parties who paint themselves into a corner based on principle.

They become so focused on their single argument, that they never realize both sides are wrong.  The only way a solution will ever be found is when both sides stop talking for 10 minutes and use their head to think instead of using it as a battering ram.

I'm not looking for a gun debate with anyone right now, unless you are willing to see that banning all guns is just as bad as allowing the current gun culture we have today to continue.