A night club in Buffalo, NY kicked out patrons because there was not "enough white people". This sounds outrageous but this happens all the time. Even in clubs/bars near you! I myself have experienced this and am glad that it's being brought out to national attention.

Growing up in Ann Arbor I know all too well about things like this. But even in areas like Flint where there are a lot of white and black people, things like this exist. It's mainly because of the perception that if there's too many black people at a party then there's going to be some fights or some problems. Well this was the case at a nightclub in Buffalo. It seems like no too long after everyone began coming in the club, that the owners said there weren't enough white people or there were too many black people and he kicked everyone out. The good thing is cameras were rolling so this is caught on tape. I'm actually shocked that the news station covered this. What do you think of this? Has it happened to you? Will these types of things ever change and or are the owners justified in what they did?