Flint's Cashis stopped by the Club studio to talk to Artimis about his new album "Supreme Victory, battle rapping, and more on the new Club 937 series '8-1-Show'!

We're kicking off the new year with a new series focusing on artists right here in the 810 with the 8-1-Show! Every week we'll be posting a video of a Flint artist and shining the spotlight on talent right here in the 810. Kicking off the new series with Cashis!

If you know about the Flint rap culture, you know about Cashis. Not only is he well established in the city, but he's also known in the battle rap world. On this episode of 8-1-Show, Artimis chops it up with Cashis about new music, battle rap culture, and the possibility of a Cashis vs Zeke Gundry battle.

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