Cedar Point was closed over the weekend due to a water main break, but an employee brawl involving 7 people from Flint, is making most of the headlines.

This is the first time that Cedar Point has closed entirely since 2003, and none of the people hoping to get into the park were happy, as you can tell from the news video above.

Apparently none of the employees were all that thrilled either, because during the shutdown a major fight broke out in the employee living area.  The Police were called to the park shortly after 3:00 am on Sunday to break up the fight.  WNEM reports that the following 7 employees arrested are from Flint.

  • Levon Epps, 19, aggravated rioting and assault on a police officer
  • DeShaun Harris, 20, aggravated rioting
  • Sterling Jenkins, 24, aggravated rioting
  • Rick Miles, 23, aggravated rioting
  • Ja'Quan Pittman, 22, aggravated rioting
  • Kyreese Whitacker, 21, aggravated rioting
  • Brandon Williams, 21, aggravated rioting

All 16 people arrested were placed in a Huron County Jail Sunday morning, and the park opened for business Monday morning.

Nobody has confirmed what caused the fight, but maybe they were all arguing over who got to dance on the poles out front after this girl was done.