Flint Police proved that they aren't messing around when it comes to the curfew for minors at Back to the Bricks, as they busted a dozen youngsters that were in violation of the mandate last night.

According to MLive, unattended minors (defined as 16 or younger and without parental supervison in the article) can be scooped up by five-o after 6p and their parents could get hit with a $250 ticket. Thursday night Flint Police enforced the curfew multiple times, having already unofficially detained about a dozen young'uns by 10:30p.

Back to the Bricks is a fun time for everybody, but if you're 16 or younger make sure you bring your mommy or you will get caught. Police are also cracking down on disorderly conduct, drag racing, vehicles doing burnouts, and open alcohol consumption outside of the areas designated for such activities. So have fun, but be smart and respectful of others.