Councilman Eric Mays is very ambitious in his political career.  Now the polarizing politician wants to run for the House of Representatives seat in the Fall 2014 elections.  Would you vote for Mays?

Mays wanted to challenge Congressman Dan Kildee's seat but was unable to meet the requirements.  Mays needed 1000 signatures instead of the $100 he thought would suffice to get on the primary ballot.  The councilman decided to put his second plan into action. Mays told MLive,

“You had to have the 1,000 signatures and I couldn’t do that in one day,” Mays said. “I made a last-minute decision to run for the 34th District. I’ll decide between now and Friday whether I’ll withdraw.”

Eric has had issues with the law after being arrested with four misdemeanors including drunk driving and weed possession.  Emergency Manager Darnell Earley asked the arrested councilman to resign and he refused.  In addition to his legal issues, the First Ward councilman lost the Council President chair by a vote of 5-4.

Eric Mays will join a handful of politicians in running to secure the 34th District House of Representative seat.  With so much attention surrounding the First Ward Councilman, I'm not sure if he's the favorite out of the bunch.