Flint City Councilman Eric Mays has been formally charged in connection to last month's arrest.  On Friday, Mays was asked by several leaders to step down and he refused.  Well, things officially became more complicated for our city's reputation.

According to MLive, Mays has been charged with four misdemeanors surrounding drunk driving and possession of marijuana.  If you remember, Councilman Mays was found changing four flat tires on his car.  Reports say that he had been driving north on I-475 south-bound.    I don't know how you can change four flat tires unless you have four spares.

Councilman Mays' attorney is already making sure he gets a fair shot in court.

It’s highly unlikely that a local judge will be appointed and if the judge will even require a formal appearance on the arraignment."

Even if Flint can charge the case technically they shouldn’t because they’ve admitted to a conflict,” Manley said. “It raises more questions why are they taking Genesee Township’s case when normally they wouldn’t.

I hope that this incident goes away soon because this is embarrassing for the City of Flint and the residents of the First Ward.  I truly think Mays should get a good PR campaign going as soon as possible.  We're trying to turn things around here in Flint.  Civic leaders need to spearhead the change not be counterproductive.