The city of Flint has put a curfew into place for the holidays, and it could result in a $250 fine for the parents.

The curfew states that children under 17, who are not accompanied by an adult, have to avoid areas of special interest between 6pm and 6am the next morning.

This is obviously is a move to curb kids from being unsupervised in downtown during the Fireworks, Back to The Bricks, and The Crim.

The part that is raising eyebrows with most people is that if a child is caught breaking curfew, it's the parents that could be paying.  The parents or legal guardians of violators could be fined $250!

While most people think this is a good idea, some are upset that the parents could be on the hook for the money.

Do you think the curfew is a good idea?  Should the parents be responsible for the fine?

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