That's a lot of pot there, eh?

It was a busy day on Monday at the Blue Water Bridge when Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations Officers seized a half-ton of marijuana from a truck coming into Michigan from Ontario, Canada.

Officials originally believed that the truck was carrying office furniture to different locations in the mitten state; upon further inspection, however, they found that there were 1,114 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed packages that were disguised in cardboard boxes.

“Even during a pandemic, traffickers continue to attempt to exploit our borders and will stop at nothing to try and introduce illicit drugs into our communities,” Port Director Michael Fox told “Our officers remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting our borders from all types of criminal activity.”

And apparently, this isn't the first time during the pandemic that traffickers have tried to get their contraband into Michigan - over 4,400 lbs of marijuana have been seized at the border since March.

Office furniture? Really?? Now I'm wondering what tipped them off. Was it a desk that smelled a little funky?

This is why I'm not a drug trafficker. I never would've thought of using office furniture to smuggle drugs into the United States from Canada. Then again, it obviously wasn't a good idea because they got caught.

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