Jameson Ashley is recovering in the hospital after being backed over by a car in Richfield Township.

Jameson is only 5-years-old but his fighting spirit is helping to keep his family optimistic after the accident. Jameson was walking to a friends house with his sister when a car backed over him while leaving the driveway. The driver didn't realize what had happened until the car was on top of Jameson.

According to WNEM, Jameson suffered two broken arms, a collapsed lung, a fractured pelvis along with five ribs. Doctors also had to remove his spleen during the hours of surgery.

I don't personally know the Ashley family, but my heart is hurting for them. This is the time when a little boy should be getting acclimated to kindergarten, and making new friends. Instead, Jameson is on a ventilator in a hospital room.

The family has a Go Fund Me page set up to help out with the medical expenses, along with the long road ahead of Jameson. You can donate to their page here.

We're all pulling for you Jameson!

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