The researcher that revealed the problems with Flint's water is now trying to prove that Michigan health officials hid the evidence of high lead levels in Flint water.

Marc Edwards is the Virginia Tech researcher that provided the initial water tests proving that Flint water was unsafe to drink.  His report shows government documents which he said reveals the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services knew about excessively high lead levels found in Flint drinking water long before it was revealed to the public.

Public officials including Rep. Dan Kildee and Mayor Karen Weaver have both expressed their disgust over the problem.  Both are calling on the state officials to admit their wrong doing, and take the steps to fix the problem.

This revelation comes at the same time that Flint is threatening to turn off water service to homes that may be delinquent in payments.

Call me crazy, but would you pay for contaminated water that the state knowingly gave to you?  Neither would I.

We made the video below as joke . . . I mean how absurd would it be that health officials would ever try to convince people that lead tainted water would ever be safe to drink.  I guess the joke doesn't seem to far from reality now.