If someone randomly asked if you felt like your job made the world a better or worse place, what would you say?

In a recent survey more than 30,000 workers answered that question, and surprisingly only one percent said they made it worse.

So who are the one percent?  Let's just say that if your employer has a drive-thru, it might be you.

Fast food workers were, BY FAR, the most likely to say they make the world a worse place.  42.3% of people who say they're making the world worse are in fast food.

The next closest were bartenders at 5.8%.  Senior attorneys were third, fashion designers were fourth, and investment banking associates were fifth.

The survey was also sorted by industry, not just by specific job.  When they did it that way, the fast food industry came in as fourth-most likely to say they're making the world a worse place.

The tobacco industry came in first, gambling was second and gas stations came in third.  Fast food was fourth with liquor distributors taking the fifth spot.

So I'll ask again, do you think your job makes the world a better or worse place?

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