Tuesday, November 8th is when everyone in Michigan will be heading to vote, but there are a few things you should know before stepping inside the booth.

The most important thing is knowing where you are supposed to go to cast your vote.  This can be confusing, since districts sometimes change, and you can only vote at your designated area.  Click the button below to find out exactly where your polling location is.

When you get to the correct voting location, there are a few basic rules that you may not be aware of.

You Are Not Allowed To Take A Ballot Selfie

There has been a lot of debate about this lately, but as of right now, ballot selfies are not allowed.  There are a few people challenging the ruling right now, but it is doubtful that anything will change by Tuesday.

You Are Not Allowed To Wear Buttons or Clothing Supporting Any Specific Candidates

Michigan law says that you cannot wear anything supporting a specific candidate withing 100 feet of a voting location.  So as tempted as you may be to make your voting location great again, you'll just have to wait till you're on the way home.

You Can See The Ballot Before Going To Vote

This years ballot will be long . . . and fairly confusing.  There are plenty of open seats, and initiatives on the ballot, along with the small issue of who our next president will beClick Here to view your ballot so you can be prepared when you step in to vote.

This has been a historically ugly election season, but the one thing that both Clinton and Trump agree on is that you should vote.  Voting is the one reasonable thing that has remained constant throughout this circus.  So go vote, and comment with a selfie of you and your "I Voted" sticker . . . after you've left the polls of course.

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