Today is election day, and I am always shocked by the number of people who refuse to get out and vote.

I understand that there are sometimes outside factors that make it very difficult to vote. I also know that there are people inside our own system that try to make it as hard as they can for people to vote. Setting those things aside, the people that have every ability to vote, and still refuse to vote, this is for you.

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Even in one of the most contentious, publicized elections seasons ever, I still see people on social media saying that they are not going to vote.


Everything that our country is build on revolves around the voting process, yet we can't get 60% of the people in America to vote. This is absolutely insane to me, especially with all of the voter initiatives that have taken place in the last ten to twenty years.

I've had many arguments with friends, and people online about why they should vote, even if we don't agree on the issue at hand. I have decided that I'm done trying to convince them to vote, and instead I'm offering up a few things that people who refuse to vote can do instead of voting.

If you are a member of the non voting population in Michigan, or anywhere in America, please read the suggestions below, and take them very personal.

Refuse To Vote? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Voting

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