If you were hoping to register to vote without going to your local clerks office, today is the last day.

Michigan set the deadline of Monday, October 19th to stop accepting all online and mail in voter registrations. This does not mean that you won't be able to get registered, it just means that you will have to do it face to face after today. Getting registered is easy, and only takes a few minutes online, so don't let the deadline slip by you.

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If you are not sure if you are registered, or maybe you've moved recently, you can check your voter registration status here. Michigan has done a great job of keeping voters informed through their information portal at michigan.gov/vote.

If you are in fact not registered, you can still do it online today here. If you are going to try and register to vote through the mail, you'll have to make sure that your registration is postmarked by today. I personally don't recommend registering by mail today, only because the chances of something happening to keep you from being registered are increased.

If you're unable to register online or by mail today, don't freak out. You can still register in person at your local clerks office. In fact, in Michigan you can register in person right up until 8pm on Election day. Just go to the Michigan voter information page if you have any questions about voting. They have done a great job of putting all of the information in one place.

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