I would be so pissed if I was on a flight that got delayed because someone refused to wear a mask. Well, that's exactly what happened to passengers on a recent flight from Detroit to Atlanta.

According to WDIV, A Delta flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was delayed for about an hour Thursday when two people refused to wear a mask.

Apparently the plane was already on the runway and getting ready to take off when two passengers refused to put their masks on and were ignoring the crew's instructions to do so. For the love of God, why? I don't understand this.

So thanks to these two clowns, the pilot had to turn the plane around and go back to the gate so they could be removed from the plane. All that because they wouldn't wear their freaking masks.

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I'm sure you're thinking, yeah but maybe they couldn't wear their masks because of a medical condition. If that was the case it should have been handled and cleared prior to their flight.

According to MLive, Guests who have a medical condition that prevents them from being able to wear a mask, they must complete a ‘Clearance-to-Fly’ process. Also, anyone who is caught falsely claiming to be medically unable to wear a mask may be banned from flying on the airline in the future.

These people knowingly got on to a flight which requires you to wear a mask and did the complete opposite, which ultimately screwed over a bunch of people trying to fly to Atlanta. So damn selfish and inconsiderate.

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