Flint artist Jeff Skigh is holding an all-day concert to help bring in toys to help those in need this Holiday season.

Jeff Skigh is an upcoming artist from Flint, MI. With his most popular track "Good Vibes" reaching 1 million hits on Spotify, Jeff is making a lot of noise in the city of Flint.  And now he wants to give back this holiday season by putting on a 6-hour concert this Saturday with a live band starting at 6 pm. Also, all the toys are being donated to Whaley's Children Center.

He'll have help from a ton of local talent as well. From Sway Montoya, 12 Dead Roses, Ace Gabbana, you're looking at a lot of local talent in one show. And the setting is interesting as well because it's not technically in a public spot. It's located in a secret location on Decker St. I went looked at the location for myself, and all I can say is that I love the vibe! It feels like a secret frat house for music junkies. This also feels like more than just a one-off. With the right direction, I think this group could do some amazing things this upcoming year.

For details on how you can donate and catch this secret show contact Jeff Skigh here.

Also how cool is this flyer?


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