The first Ron Wallace Football Camp was a chance for local athletes to give back to the kids coming up behind them.

Ron Wallace has a bright football future ahead of him, but is choosing to help out his community right now.  He organized the Ron Wallace Football Camp, giving middle school aged kids a free opportunity to learn the game.

Ron is only a senior at Southwestern right now, but he hooked up with some other up and coming stars to help out with his camp.  Deron Irving-Bey is headed to play ball at U of M this Fall, and he served as one of the camps coaches.  According to WNEM, The Mott Foundation, and CRIM Fitness Foundation helped to organize the camp.

The coolest part about this entire thing is that these kids are choosing to help before they have the means.  So many athletes wait until they've gotten the major payout from their sport before they give back.  While that is always a great thing, it sends a message that you have to have a lot before you can give. 

What Wallace has done is show kids that giving back isn't limited to the rich and famous.  He's found a way to help out before the fame, and that says more about his character than anything.

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