Flint Police Department announced that they have recorded 52 homicides in 2013 which is the lowest in seven years.  With the number of homicides down, is Flint becoming safer? 

Homicide is never anything to be proud of but reducing the number of murders in our city is a great step in the right direction.  We still have a long way to go in turning our city around but that task looks brighter.  Current Flint Police Chief James Tolbert credits the police department as one of the factors of why the murder rate has been lowered, according to ABC12.

"The men and women of the Flint Police Department everyday doing great work."

"Compartmentalized investigations combined with the state police combined with the lockup. There are a lot of different working parts. The key to all of this is sustainability," Tolbert said.  "We still have a 2 percent rise in larcenies and a 21 percent rise in burglaries. Those are the next things we have to look at."

I am glad to hear that the number of people murdered has lowered but I don't feel like celebrating.  In 12 months, 52 people lost their lives and their families were effected.  We can't reverse what happened so I don't feel happy about the report.  I will acknowledge we're moving closer to a safer Flint.  Let us unite as a community and start loving one another.  Help police bring people to justice.  Get active in your success.