News is coming in that the Flint River could be residents primary source for drinking water. I'm not sure that is the best water for anyone. 

Currently we get our drinking water from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department but not for long.  In one year, our current water source will be terminated and we need help.  City of Flint Officials have already worked out a deal to receive water from Lake Huron but building the pipeline will take some time.

Until the pipeline from Lake Huron is built, we're possibly going to drink water from the Flint River.  The water plant in Genesee County will start treating the water to get it ready for residents but I don't think people will be happy about it.  There are several upgrades necessary to treat the Flint River that are too expensive to fully upgrade the system but will make minor improvements for now.

When we get the water from Lake Huron, our water plant will need to be fully function to treat the water. I think this is just a unfortunate situation that we're in. However, we're going to bounce back.  I am a avid optimistic for my beloved City of Flint but it is not easy.

What are your immediate thoughts of use drinking Flint River water?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.