The leaves are covering the ground in Flint and all over the state, so now is the time to get them taken care of.

The City of Flint announced that the annual yard waste pickup is happening now through the week of Thanksgiving. Unlike some years in the past though, they are asking that leaves are bagged up instead of raked into the street. Some cities ask that residents just rake the leaves to the side and a mulching truck comes by to suck them up. That is not the case in Flint this year.

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The Flint Bag It campaign was announced earlier this week as an effort to keep Flint streets and gutters clear of leaves. This is not a new initiative for Flint though, as the bagging requirement went in place almost 10 years ago. People still try to rake their leaves into the street for some reason though. Mayor Neeley talked about the Bag It campaign in a press release.

This is a beautiful time of year, but please remember to bag all your leaves to keep our streets safe and functional, leaves can plug storm drains and cause flooding

This year the push to keep the leaves out of the streets are being more strongly enforced. The city has warned that anyone caught raking leaves into the streets could face a fine and/or citation.

If you don't have time to bag up your leaves before Thanksgiving, you can find out more options to get rid of your yard waste from the City of Flint here.


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