Too Short Tries to Run From Police After Being Stopped For DUI [Video]
Rapper Too Short was pulled over for driving under the influence and decides to make a break for it resulting in the saddest attempt to escape the police I have ever seen.
Blame it on the alcohol or just plain stupidity Too Short for a brief second made a conscious decision to run from the police, bu…
Drunk Guy Uses Spit To Outwit The Cops [Video]
Spit is this guys duct tape, it can solve almost any situation.  Watch as he gives the cops every excuse possible while taking his sobriety test.  He goes peacefully enough, but when they arrest his lady friend . . . THEY DONE CROSSED DA LINE (Hillbilly voice).  Check it out.
Drunk Lady Has Trouble With The Alphabet [Video]
Not only is this drunk lady not good at the alphabet, but she's also quite a looker.  The fact that she is this daytime drunk tells me one thing . . . she likes to party!  Add up all these factors, and what we're saying here is that there's a chance!  Just don't as…

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