Those who follow me on YouTube, you know my channel is all about sneakers.  Last year I visited Sneaker Con Chicago and turned the camera on to capture my experience.  This was my first time at Sneaker Con and I had a great time.  But yesterday, April 24th,213, a subscriber of mine left a negative comment about my beloved city of Flint.  I need your help in how I should respond.

I love my hometown. I do not enjoy the violence and poverty here but this is my home.  Looking down on the place that raised ME is really not a good look.  Never will I treat my hometown of Flint, Michigan like is a the worst place ever.

The media across this county has painted Flint as one of the worst places to live.  I disagree but I understand why they may feel that way.  I fully understand what the YouTube user was saying and believe he or she may felt it was a light joke.  I get tired of people talking bad about Flint. It needs to stop.

Why kick someone when they're down?

So I need you're help on how to respond to this comment. I never return negative to negative, no one wins.  But I am lost for words on this one.  What do you think I should say to this user?  Leave your thoughts in the comment sections below.