Imagine surviving a mass school shooting in Oxford, MI November 30, 2021, where four students were killed. Or the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting in Newtown, CT December 14, 2012, where 20 children between 6 & 7 years-old and 6 adult staff were murdered.

Eventually, you process, deal with and heal the best you can... knowing it's always going to be with you. Then, what's supposed to be an exciting educational time... college turns out to be a re-traumatizing situation when a gunman opens fire on the campus of Michigan State University Monday, February 13, 2023. (Almost exactly five years to the date of the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting where 17 people died). Thus, creating the 67th mass shooting in the United States, so far, in 2023.

Former Oxford High School Student Survives That Tragedy and the 2023 MSU Shooting, too.

  • Ava Ferguson, in her first semester at MSU, encountered another mass shooting. Her mother told WDIV-TV it was supposed to be a happier time -- they were to be celebrating Ava being cancer-free for 10 years. Her mom, Andrea, mentions there are other students from Oxford attending MSU, reliving it, too.

Perhaps the most surreal thing a parent can say these kids "know what to do." Meaning -- they've been trained out of necessity.

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Former Sandy Hook Elementary (Newtown, CT) Student Survives That and the 2023 MSU Shooting, too.

  • Jackie Matthews lived through a horrific experience in Newtown, CT 10 years ago while in the sixth grade. Now, a senior at MSU, she was quoted as saying it "is incomprehensible" that she has lived through two mass shootings. In her video posted to TikTok the night of the shooting, she calls for action.

What can be done?

It's important to realize common sense things can be done through legislation and law. Politicians like to fire people up about everyone coming for their guns -- that's a sick marketing technique that works on an awful lot of people to make sure they vote for said politician.

If you'd like, here's contact information for all of our Michigan State House of Representatives, click here. Michigan State Senators complete contact information, click here.

Enough with "Thoughts & Prayers"

  • Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but "thoughts & prayers" is an empty political statement at this point. The question needs to be: Why don't we care enough about our kids being killed to do anything about it? No kid will ever tell their parents "I can't wait to go to (insert school name here) to be shot" or "mom & dad, I can't wait for active shooter training today."

Before I finish, let me say I come from a family of hunters and gun enthusiasts that believe strongly in safety. Many served our country. Many still go hunting. All of them understand the commonsense approach to gun laws. So, I'm not some "talking head" spewing anti-gun anything. I'm asking for common sense like so many Americans.

Doing the kids of Michigan and the US a solid does NOT mean anyone is coming for your guns -- that's what politicians want you to believe. They manipulate people with fear. Tell our elected representation to knock off the BS and get something done. There are countless young lives depending on you.

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