It always good to know that some superstars still remember where they came from.

JaVale McGee as you know is one of the biggest sports superstars to ever come out of Flint. Even though he is about 2,000 miles away in California getting ready for the NBA playoffs he still can be seen riding around town. Well not exactly see There is a van That is covered with the face of this Hometown hero. The van is not some attention stunt for McGee actually it wasn't even his idea. The van is actually meant to bring awareness to the Do The Right Thing (DTRT) All-Stars, which is an AAU team that he sponsors.

On the drivers side of the van his arms are stretched out palming two basketballs kind of like the famous Michael Jordan wings picture. On the passenger side there is a huge serious picture of McGee. And on the back of the 12 passenger van is a picture of McGee posing with a bunch kids. So if you see Javale's face riding around town you will know it is a symbol of change in flint.