After an extremely long campaign season, election day is finally here.

Today is the day when everyone gets a chance to have their voice heard in choosing our leadership. You will finally get to turn the energy that has been poured into fighting on Facebook, into something tangible. The polls are open, and it's time for us to take advantage of one of our greatest rights as American's.

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This election day will look different than those in the past because of Covid-19, just like everything else this year. There are quite a few things that stay the same though, including the rules you must follow at the ballot box. This year in Michigan, you are not allowed to wear clothing that endorses a specific candidate though.

One of the major focuses of the election this year is making sure that voter intimidation at the polls does not happen. You'll probably notice more security at your polling location, and both parties will have poll monitors to report the other side if something does happen. The main thing to remember is that if you feel harassed in any way at the polls, you need to report it to a poll worker immediately. If a poll worker is the person you need to report, then you can talk directly to your county clerk.

This is the most contentious election that most of us have ever been through, and many are anticipating problems after the results are announced. Speaking of those results, don't expect any final totals on election night. Michigan election officials are saying that it could take 2-3 days to count all of the ballots that were submitted before election day. Many other states are in the same boat, so we may not have an official winner declaration until later this week.

No matter who you are supporting, the best thing you can do is vote. This is the backbone of our country, and everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard. If you have any questions about voting or getting registered to vote, you can get your answers below. And yes, you can still get registered to vote today before voting if you would like.


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