Michigan voters will head to the polls today for primary elections along with a few bond proposals.

The main issue on the ballot for Michiganders is the Presidential Primary vote. There are going to be 15 Democratic choices, although 12 of them have already dropped out of the race. The Democrats that are still in the race are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tulsi Gabbard. The Republicans will also have a four choices on the ballot, but Donald Trump and Bill Weld are the only two active candidates.

There are a few different bond proposals that Genesee County voters will decide in the ballot booths today.

The best thing you can do before you vote is to check out your sample ballot here. In addition to your sample ballot, you can confirm your voting location. The Michigan.gov/vote site also lets you see the status of your absentee ballot. It really is your most important source for voting information before you go to the polls today.

Officials are sending out one last important message for voters before they vote today, and it has to do with Coronovirus. Even though there have been no confirmed cases in Michigan so far, Genesee County Clerk John Gleason issued the following statement.

When you look at all the interactions, you have a tremendous opportunity to become contagious with the flu, coronavirus, whatever illness is going around at the time. Bring a small personal applicant of hand sanitizer. If you don’t have that ... go in the bathroom at the polling place and wash your hands. Then go home and wash your hands again

I don't think that's bad advice to follow any day of the week, but with conditions the way they are right now, it's almost essential.

So in addition to the normal voting Tuesday messages of, "Be Informed" and "Get out and vote" . . . now you need to add in, "Keep your hands clean!"

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