A Las Vegas substitute teacher has been arrested for having sex with a 15 year old student.  This trend of teachers seducing and manipulating kids is sickening and need to be dealt with extreme caution.

Tamika Queen, 22 years old teacher, was arrested on March 11th for sleeping with her 15 year old male student.  The crazy teacher confessed to the police that she had sex with the student and is in love with him.  She may have some mental issues if she thought this was acceptable.

“I am in love with [name redacted]. I have never been in love before.”
The father of the student became suspicious when his son started spending time with a girlfriend named Bella.  The victim was interviewed and confess he spent time with the teacher but never had sex with her.  The police found text message between the victim and teacher that said,
“You should know how I feel by now,” Queen wrote. “I’m serious, I’m putting my job on the line talking to you, so how can I not be serious?”

Tamika Queen has been charged with sex assault against a child under 16, statutory sexual seduction, sexual act with a pupil and first-degree kidnapping.  I hope some medical and mental evaluations conducted for the victim to enough his health.

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