The video of an angry mom punching a skateboarder after he ran into her son will upset you.  I understand parents protecting their kids but this incident went too far. 

A California skateboarder, Leland Goldberg, was skating in the park and accidentally ran into a young male.  After running into the kid, Goldberg checked to see if the kid was okay.  As you would expect the kid was crying and a woman, not his mother, scooped the kid up.

“I’m sorry, man,” Goldberg tells the child.

“Did you not see him?” the woman asks.

“I did not see him. I was looking down,” he says.

Quickly the mother shows up to the scene in anger but not understanding the situation.

“Did you run into my son?” the boy’s mother yells. “On his birthday?!”

“You didn’t see him?” she yells

Things quickly get out of hand and you can tell that Goldberg was dumbfounded by the level of tension in the air.  The angry mother pushes and sucker punches Goldberg for accidentally running into her son.  The camera quickly turns off to further capture the accident turned violent.

I truly believe parents like this mom are extremely ignorant.  First, why would you get violent in front of your kid?  Are you teaching your kids violence is okay in the case of an accident?  Secondly, you clearly didn't give the Goldberg the benefit of the doubt that it was unintentional.  Lastly, why would you not tend to your child's care instead of punching a grown man in the face?

This mother displayed her poor judgement in being a fit parent.  This woman is probably a great mother to her son but at this moment, she's the worst parent caught on tape for this week, as of now.  I want to hear from you, do you think the mother overreacted or did the right thing?  Leave your response in the comment section below.