Sometimes I feel like the idiots of the day are really people taking us beyond our imagination to provide useful information on what not to do.  Today, I found out that Merrill Keith Moses, 63 years-old, was arrested for DUI charges while operating a motorized shopping cart. 

Moses was in Fairbanks, AK at Fred Meyer West grocery store where he was operating a shopping cart while extremely drunk.  The elderly man even was caught with items from the store that he hadn't purchased.  Yes, Moses it the epitome of rebel without a cause.

The intoxicated elderly man has had run ins previously with this particular grocery store.  The Store Manager called police when Moses was trying to drive around the parking in his would-be vehicle.  Moses was almost ready to enter the streets and potentially get ran over by a car if the store manager didn't restrained him.

The old drunk man registered three times the legal limit of intoxication while on site.  While at the police station, the Fairbanks grocery store drunk refused to take a official breath sample.  Sadly, Moses was caught with cake mix and cookie which added another charge to his DUI arrest.

According to NewsMiner, Moses has criminal track record that probably won't help him get a light sentence for his recent actions.

a 2011 DUI conviction in Delta Junction. He also has numerous convictions for domestic assault, drinking in public, open container, criminal trespass and theft.

I am utterly shocked that you can get a DUI while operating a motorized shopping cart.  I understand the store's stance on Moses and probably needed to end his erratic drunk runs at their store.  I hope something good comes out of this incident.  At least a cake and cookies would be fine with me.

Do you think the DUI charge was a bit much or necessary due to Moses track record?  Leave you response in the comment section below.