The MHSAA released an updated plan for high school sports this fall in Michigan.

Originally MHSAA officials said that the fall sports calendar would go on as planned, but that has changed. This week the MHSAA announced that all fall scrimmages would be cancelled, and the practice schedule has been adjusted. The announcement was met with a mixed reaction by parents and high school sports fans.

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According to their press release the following fall sports will go on as scheduled, without any fall scrimmages.The following sports will start practice on August 12th.

  • LP Girls Golf
  • LP Boys Tennis
  • LP Girls Swimming & Diving
  • UP Girls Tennis & Cross Country
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball

The biggest possible change that was announced revealed that there is no set timeline right now for higher risk sports to actually begin their games.

Moderate and high-risk sports – football, girls volleyball and boys soccer – may begin practice but not competition. Decisions about competition timelines for these three sports will be made by Aug. 20.

The only sport that had their practice schedule adjusted is Football. The non contact practice and conditioning sessions can start August 10th, but right now the full pads practices have been bumped to August 17th.

Once again the 19 member MHSAA council met remotely to make these decisions, and once again it makes no sense at all.

Just like when they announced that high school sports would go on as scheduled in the Fall, they did it virtually. Meaning that someone who didn't think it was safe to be in a room with 18 other people, voted that it was safe for high school sports teams to gather together for practice and games.

Many parents are still trying to decide what type of learning their kids will be doing this fall, much less what to do with sports. With the most recent restrictions put in place by Gov Whitmer, it's hard to see how any fall sports will happen.

With everything going on, what are your plans for your kids playing fall sports this year?


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