MHSAA officials announced that they are considering playing football this fall after seeing the success other states have had.

The MHSAA had a meeting on Monday where they talked about the possibility of playing fall sports. Right now in most of the lower peninsula boys soccer, volleyball, swimming and diving are also on hold. The sports all fall under an executive order from Governor Whitmer that prohibits them due to their contact risk.

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The MHSAA originally planned on moving football to spring, but that poses a new set of problems when it comes to scheduling and outgoing senior players. The MHSAA officials did not go so far as to formally ask Governor Whitmer to take back her executive order. They did say that everything is on the table right now when it comes to fall sports.

If there were some sort of change, teams would have to do a quick turnaround and scheduling would most likely be a nightmare. Most high school football teams are still practicing right now, and are allowed have 16 practices between now and October 31st. Officials even said that schools could have the option of playing in the spring if their administrators did not feel comfortable playing this fall.

This sounds like the MHSAA is trying to shift some of the heat they have been getting from players and parents across the state to Gov Whitmer. The #Letthemplay protests that happened last weekend in Lansing were a big show of just how much people want football this fall.

I just don't know how schools could do a 180 from the original plan with roughly two weeks to make it happen. There are rumors that Gov Whitmer will be rolling back a few of the restrictions in place now on gyms and other business lanes. Maybe high school football will be one of the things that she green lights this week.


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