Michigan has the cheapest price for a case of beer just in time for summer!

Thrillist and Simply Thrifty Living recently went through the numbers to find the cheapest beer in the country, and Michigan is the #1 state if you're looking to save some money on a case of beer!

The average cost for a case of beer in Michigan is the low price of only $14.62! That is .15 cents cheaper than California which came in at #2 on the list! So where is the most expensive cases of beer at? Pennsylvania takes the gold on that with a case of beer costing $21.98!

How were the numbers calculated? Well the study only looked at 12 ounce cans of Miller and Bud Light. Obviously with Miller and Bud being pretty inexpensive, Michigan residents only pay .61 cents per can. Now if you were to look at some of the great craft brew selections in Michigan the price goes up a little bit, but so does the quality and the fact that you are buying Michigan made products!


Source: ABC12.com

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