A 27-year-old Detroit man was shot Wednesday night after he went to check on his mother at her home on the east side.

According to WDIV,  the man went to check in on his unwell mother at her home in the 14900 block of Lappin Street near Hayes Street and Seven Mile Road. Upon entering the house, the victim discovered that his mother was not home -- rather two intruders were inside and armed.

The intruders shot the man four freaking times. They hit him in both of his arms, his back and in his neck. The fourth bullet that him when through his neck and came out of his mouth. Get this, those four bullets didn't kill him. He was actually able to get up, get in his car and drive himself to the hospital. How is that even possible? To top it off, he's expected to be alright.

WDIV didn't say what happened to the intruders but I'm assuming after they shot the man, they took off and got away.

The mother, by the way, is fine. She ended up coming home but wasn't harmed thankfully.

Can you imagine having a bullet go through your neck and out your mouth after you'd already been shot three times and then somehow you still have the strength to drive to the hospital? It's amazing he's alive to tell his story.

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