The 'Super Drunk' law was adopted in Michigan more than 17 months ago, and since then an average of six drivers a day have been convicted under it.

Sounds pretty crazy right?  It's nothing when you think about when the majority of the drivers were arrested.

According to Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, "These aren't people who just had a glass or two of wine at dinner or a party — these are people with alarmingly high blood-alcohol counts, some in the high 0.20s and even into the 0.30s, out drunk in the middle of the day."

The fines and jail sentences are almost double for someone convicted of violating the 'Super Drunk' law, but it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.

Police think it might take a decade until the positive effects of the new law are fully seen.  Until then, common sense might be the best practice for both drinkers and non drinkers.  Do not drive if you've been drinking, and always be cautious on the road no matter what time of day it is.