The idiot of the day award goes the suspected Georgia drunk driver who hit a police car and then hands the officer a beer.  I am pretty sure if the allegations from the officers is truly, this guy is in bad shape. 

Dunwoody, Georgia police say that Damon Tobias Exum, 37 years old, hit a police car and drove off.  The officer who was driving the smashed car, pulled him over after chasing him down.  When the officer asked for license and registration, Exum allegedly handed the officer a beer.

The arresting officer reported that Exum was so intoxicated that he didn't know he slammed into the cop car.

Exum has been charged with 8 misdemeanors such as DUI and reckless driving.  Currently the idiot of the day is being held on $3,270 bond in the county jail.  What should be his punishment?