Almost all of the confirmed cases are in students, according to the health department.

After 342 COVID-19 cases were confirmed in three weeks, students at Michigan State University are being told to self-quarantine to slow the spread.

The testing started on August 24th. Prior to that, only 23 people at the university tested positive. And, in a surprise to absolutely no one, the surge in cases started when students came back to campus in Lansing for the fall semester.

The health department has stated that, of all the positive tests, about a third of the students who tested positive attended parties or large social gatherings since the start of school. And of those gatherings, about a third were associated with fraternities and sororities.

Officials are urging students to quarantine until at least September 26th.

There are about 1,200 students living on-campus and about 2,000 living in the dorms.

It's important to note that this request is not an "order;" however, if students don't quarantine to stop the spread, the request could easily become a mandatory order.

Officials at Michigan State are being VERY adamant that whatever happens in the next month or so can and/or will dictate what happens in the spring semester.

And this is the part where, because I'm a radio personality and not a journalist, I get to toss in my two cents - what made the colleges think that in-person classes were going to work this fall? There are kids living together on campus, going to classes, clubs, parties, eating the risk of sounding like a teenager, DUH.

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