They said Michigan’s hockey team couldn’t hold a flame against Florida's. Well, they were sadly mistaken.

Just ask 35-year-old Michigan resident Lena Sinishtaj, who is being charged with arson after authorities say she set fire to a flag being passed over the crowd at Amaile Arena Wednesday night in Tampa.

The Associated Press reports that a Tampa Bay Lighting flag was being passed around during a NHL playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings. However, when the team’s sacred cloth reached Sinishtaj's seat, she used a lighter to set fire it. Of course, the crowd made a huge fuss over what police called a “small burn,” and Sinishtaj was arrested shortly thereafter.

Sinishtaj is now being held in the Hillsborough County jail without bond... and to make things worse, Detroit lost the first round of the series (2 to 0) against the Lighting.